About IFM

Dane County's Institutional Food Market Coalition (IFM) is a program of Dane County UW-Extension established to:

  • Expand market opportunities for Dane County and regional growers
  • Increase the sales of local Wisconsin food into institutional markets
  • Connect large volume institutional buyers with local Wisconsin product
  • Identify and resolve obstacles to local sourcing

IFM facilitates local food sales by connecting large volume buyers, distributors, farmers, and local food businesses (value added foods) through our meetings, website, E-News, and technical assistance. IFM does not handle product.

Who is part of the IFM Coalition? Dane County, Dane County UW Extension, Wisconsin institutions, Wisconsin farmers, Wisconsin produce auctions, Wisconsin local food businesses (value added food), local and national distributors, and food systems organizations comprise IFM because they are all committed to increasing sales of local food and expanding our local food economy.

Dane County has a history of supporting agriculture through policy and programs including: a local food purchasing resolution, two state certified Agricultural Enterprise Areas (AEAs); exclusive agricultural zoning, including a small-lot agricultural zoning district; a farmland preservation plan adopted as part of the Dane County Comprehensive Plan; the Dane County Food Council; and more. IFM began in 2006 in the Dane County Planning and Development Department under the initiative and leadership of Dane County Senior Economic Development Specialist Olivia Parry. In January 2012, IFM moved to Dane County UW-Extension where Carrie Edgar, Dane County UWEX Department Head and Community Food Systems Educator, provides oversight.


IFM provides outreach to large volume buyers, producers, and distributors. Institutional buyers include hospitals, hotels, conference centers, correctional facilities, retirement communities, private corporations, universities, and others.

Contact IFM

We want to hear from you! Don’t hesitate to call or email with questions about how you can buy or sell local produce and products in Wisconsin.

Dane County UW-Extension staff who work on IFM:

Carrie Edgar
Department Head and Community Food Systems Educator
(608) 224-3706

Sharon Lezberg
Community & Economic Development Educator
(608) 224-3719

Claire Strader
Small Scale and Organic Produce Educator
(608) 224-3710



Institutional Food Market Coalition
Dane County UW-Extension
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