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Local Dirt
Mary Canales, UW Eau Claire
Tri-County Produce Auction Tour: Rosa Kozub, Mark Sieffert, Courtney Berner, and Jack Buchanan – students and food systems professions - joined this IFM tour.

Friends of IFM include local foodies, parents, businesses, agricultural educators, food systems professionals, students, and others that want to support IFM and our work promoting the sale of local Wisconsin food and developing Wisconsin’s local food system.

IFM Friends have one thing in common: they know how good local food is for our economy, health, environment, and farmland preservation. Membership and donations are accepted from individuals or groups outside of Wisconsin.

Friends Membership Benefits

MEMBERS ONLY! Discounted Registration Fees for IFM Programs.

IFM Annual Meeting: Join us to find out the latest on local sourcing, WI local food businesses and trends in institutional sourcing, hear great speakers and enjoy a great local lunch!

IFM Local Sourcing E-News: These emails help:

  • Provide info and resources to learn how to start sourcing at your institution
  • Provide info on local farms and food businesses
  • Connect buyers and sellers
  • Provide local food distributor updates and weekly local food listings
  • Develop and provide upto the minute information on local sourcing resources and events

IFM Website: Find great local food offerings, resources for buyers, growers and local food advocates.