Institution Membership

IFM member institutions vary in size and include hospitals, universities, conference centers, hotels and restaurants, private corporations, retirement communities, k-12 schools, correctional facilities, and other large volume food service operations interested in sourcing local food. Membership will be accepted from institutions outside of Wisconsin.

IFM Institution Member Benefits

MEMBERS ONLY! Discounted Registration Fees: IFM Institutional Members receives 50% discount all IFM meetings and programs in 2011.

Local Food Means Business – Wisconsin Local Food Expo: A dynamic buyer-seller networking day!

Local Food Sales Meeting: Institutions meet producers and distributors with local product, and discuss how to overcome barriers to local sourcing.

MEMBERS ONLY! One-on-one Technical Assistance: IFM individually meets with buyers to discuss how to start sourcing local or expand local sourcing efforts.

IFM Local Sourcing E-News: Promotes distributors with local product, local growers and WI food businesses selling wholesale to 400+ buyers.

IFM resources:

  • IFM Website
  • Local Sourcing 101 checklist – How to get started sourcing locally for your institution
  • Local foods cooking workshops
  • Why Local? Fact Sheet about the benefits of local sourcing
Learning about local: Leaders in local sourcing Scott Hoffland (UW-Milwaukee), Jamie Franke (Edgewood College), and Sue Liebenstein (St. Mary’s Hospital) fielded questions about how they source local at the IFM Annual Meeting 2010.
Buying local produce: Jim Meier, Kathleen Torbleau, and David Maki, from Metcalfe’s Market, buy Wisconsin produce on the IFM field trip to the Tri-County Produce Auction in 2010.