Local Food Business Membership

"We made thousands of dollars in sales through a buyer that found us on an IFM contact list. This relationship may last for years to come – resulting in a new, reliable stream of income for our business."

Randy Tholen, Co-owner
JR's Country Acres

IFM identifies new customers for Wisconsin local food businesses, provides technical assistance, and develops the institutional market for local food through education and outreach to large volume buyers.

Local foods businesses are eligible for IFM membership if they are owned and operated by a Wisconsin resident AND 40% or more of the ingredients in your products come from Wisconsin.

IFM Local Food Business Benefits

MEMBERS ONLY! Discounted Registration Fees: IFM discounts meeting registrations for IFM Local Food Businesses.

IFM Annual Meeting: Local food businesses find new institutional and distributor customers.

Local Food Sales Meeting: Local food businesses find new customers as all groups discuss how to overcome barriers to local sourcing.


MEMBERS ONLY! - IFM Local Foods Program: IFM will provide a web profile for Local Food Members in our Local Foods Program and promote your products to WI distributors and large volume institutional buyers, see www.ifmwi.org/local.aspx.


MEMBERS ONLY! Distributor Profiles: Hosted on the IFM website, these profiles promote distributors’ local product to large volume buyers.

MEMBERS ONLY! IFM Local Sourcing E-News: IFM promotes Local Food Business Members to over 400 large volume buyers. All local food businesses eligible to receive E-News.

MEMBERS ONLY! One-on-one technical assistance: IFM individually meets with local foods businesses to identify obstacles and gain access to institutional markets.

Lasting Relationships: New customers established through IFM represent not only new sales but future sales and relationships that can last into the future.

Meeting new customers: Renee Frank of R&B Acres in Oregon, WI, met a new institutional customer for her chicken at an IFM meeting.