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We are updating our membership program and are not accepting members for 2014.  Please check back here for more information in the future.

Why Join IFM?

Your IFM membership helps support a program that brings education and resources about purchasing Wisconsin local food to foodservice operations, and helps connect our local food suppliers with new customers. IFM is a public private partnership, which means a part of our funding needs to come from the businesses that benefit from the program. We are working together to support local economy, healthy environment, farm communities, and health! We thank the institutions, groceries, distributors, farms, local food businesses, and other leaders in local sourcing who value our program have already contributed.

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  2. Distributors

  3. Wisconsin produce growers

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IFM Membership Supports...
  • The IFM Annual Meeting - A day of networking and learning about local food for foodservice operations, and an opportunity to meet new customers for local food suppliers. Registration is open for the IFM 8th Annual Meeting on May 29, 2014.
  • Profiles of local food suppliers - These make finding local food easier for buyers, and help us promote the great local products offered by our farmer, distributor, and local food business members! Our supplier members receive a page.
  • IFM Local Sourcing E-News - These emails provide information and resources on local sourcing, including updates about what institutions around Wisconsin are doing to by local food, events, and products that local farms, businesses and distributors carry. To receive the emails, write to
  • IFM Website - Great resources for buyers and sellers!
  • One-on-one Assistance - IFM individually meets with buyers, growers, and distributors to help them start or expand local purchasing or selling.
  • Other great events - Throughout the year we host other events, such as the Wisconsin Local Food Expo, and educational workshops for both foodservice professionals and farmers
IFM Local Sourcing News: A new customer found Gary and Cheryl Heck of Heck’s Marketplace through the IFM Local Sourcing News emails.
Meeting new customers: Lea Steeves of Sysco Baraboo shares information about Hometown Harvest at the IFM Annual Meeting in 2010.
Selling local food: Gerry Heimerl, Saxon Homestead Creamery, promotes his cheese at the IFM Annual Meeting in 2010.

Please note - Those unable to join or contribute will be welcome at all IFM events. IFM will have separate registration fees for members and non-members. All Membership and contribution categories and fees have been set by Dane County’s IFM Advisory Committee. For more information on the IFM Advisory Committee, please go to