Wisconsin Produce Grower Membership

“We sold out our sweet potatoes due to a buyer that found us through IFM’s Local Sourcing News. It’s a great feeling to have a new customer contact us!”

Jamie Spahn, Farmer
Hillsong Ridge Farm (Dane County)

IFM identifies new customers for Wisconsin produce growers though education and outreach to large volume buyers and distributors, and multiples opportunities for growers to meet new buyer s and learn how to sell in to wholesale markets.

IFM Produce Grower Benefits

MEMBERS ONLY! Discounted Registration Fees: IFM discounts meeting registrations for IFM Produce Grower Members – Second staff member comes for free at 2012 Local Food Sales Meeting.

Local Food Means Business – Wisconsin Local Food Expo: A dynamic buyer-seller networking day!

Local Food Sales Meeting: Producers find new large volume customers and distributors to work with as all groups discuss how to overcome barriers to local sourcing.

MEMBERS ONLY! Grower Profiles: Hosted on the IFM website, these profiles promote local growers to distributors and large volume buyers by listing products, specifications, and farm history.

MEMBERS ONLY! IFM Local Sourcing E-News: Promotes Produce Grower Members to 400 large volume buyers and distributors. All growers are eligible to receive E-News.

MEMBERS ONLY! One-on-one technical assistance: IFM individually meets with growers, distributors, and buyers to help increase local sourcing.

Grower Resources:

Promoting his produce: George Kohn of West Star Farm (Dane County) used the IFM Local Sourcing News to promote his squash.
Learning how to sell local: Extension agents Keith Vander Velde and Heidi Johnson address growers at the 2010 IFM Best Practices: Selling to Institutions meeting.